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From a minimum of three hours to a maximum of six hours.


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Draft and wine, Specialty Coffees, or a combination of both.


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Select custom cocktails or coffees and make your event unique.


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We will help you plan and know what you will need for your event.

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A sampling of some of the delicious big batch drinks you could select for your event

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A collection of our amazing specialty coffees that are available to select for your event

From our Family to yours

We grew up on a farm on Maple Dell Road in Norwich ON. Our Grandfather Ray (our father is Douglas Raymond) also farmed on Maple Dell. Both taught us how to work hard, support community and hold tight to family. Ray’s On The Dell is our homage to them.

Our names are Pam and Paula de Montmorency. We are sisters, best friends and entrepreneurs. We are fun, lively and enjoy a good time! We look forward to chatting with you about how Ray’s On The Dell can add a special element to your already special event.

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